Friday, February 8, 2013

Operation Mr. Hatch


We recently read the charming children’s book, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. From that, an idea, well, hatched. Want to join us in Operation Mr. Hatch?

Poor Mr. Hatch is “tall and thin and did not smile.” He’s a gray, dull, lonely sort of fella who eats alone. For big excitement “sometimes he brought a prune for dessert.”

But Mr. Hatch’s world changes when the mail man delivers a valentine to Mr. Hatch that proclaims, “Someone loves you.” From that bit of news, Mr. Hatch’s world suddenly has sparkle,  pizazz and joy. He dons a tie, goes for a walk and eats ham instead of his usual turkey.

We are going to find our own Mr. Hatch. We’ll find someone who needs a little sunshine and gift him or her with a chocolate heart and a Be Mine card. We won’t let our recipient know why he’s had the honor of being chosen for our dubious award -  we’ll just do it.

Our mission? To find the sourest, dourest person we can. If we don’t find any likely candidates during our daily routine, we’ll head to the DMV with our chocolate, we’re guaranteed to score there.

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