Friday, March 8, 2013



My neighbor and I have a good thing going. Almost by accident we started a food swap.  At Christmas, I took them homemade potstickers. She brought us bruschetta and goat cheese with spring onions.

Since then, each time we’ve returned a bowl or plate, we’ve refilled it with something new. She tends it fill it with something savory. I’m more of a baker, so I tend it pile in the sweets. I love running across the street with something hot from the oven and even better is seeing her show up on our door step, offering in hand.

Last week we swapped lobster bisque (her) and ricotta cheese cookies (me). Our little exchange is mutually beneficial and when we manage to swap on the same day, we almost make a meal out of it.

Now I need to return the bowl but I’m short on baked goods. I think I’m going to fill it with clementines. They aren’t homemade, but who can say no to a Cutie?

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