Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day



Today there are cut-out hearts and playing cards (in the heart suit) leading to the breakfast table. There is milk tinted pink with maraschino cherry juice. The cup cabinet is stuffed full of pink, white and red balloons all prepared to rain down on the first person who opens it. These are small expressions, but hopefully they spell it in a big way what we want to say everyday - you are special. You are loved.

Every night at dinner we light a candle. At the end of the meal, two small people take turns blowing it out. It’s the highlight of the meal for them and a fought over honor. Tonight while lovers gaze into each other eyes over candlelight in romantic quiet restaurants, we’ll light several candles at our house. I’m filling the fireplace with them, and I’ll set a few extras around. There won’t be any handholding by the light of a single flame, but the glow from many tiny flames will be a happy accompaniment to the kitchen’s laughter and noise. 

Best of all, tonight, there won’t be any fighting over who blows the candle out! Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope it’s spent spreading joy with those you love.

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