Friday, February 15, 2013

Go Back to Bed Un-Sleepy Head.


We have early risers in our house. I’m all for it, but when you hear “Mom!!” before 5:30 AM, it’s all rise and no shine. A couple of friends recommended a clock that changes from sleepy blue to the wake-up yellow to us. It was slightly pricey especially given that there was already a clock in my son’s room. So then we looked into getting a combo nightlight/clock, and I found one I liked but never got around to buying it.

Then we went away for a little trip and put the light in my son’s room on a vacation timer while were were gone. Once we came home I was getting ready to put the timer back in the closet when it dawned on me. What if we put the nightlight on the vacation timer. So we did, and it works!

Problem solved for everyone.

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