Monday, February 18, 2013

The Good Earth


So in college I killed a cactus. Since that time, I’ve killed many more plants including one called Mother-In-Law’s tongue. It’s the one botanical death that amuses me.

But this year I have vowed that we will have a garden. Currently I’ve managed to keep a lone cherry tomato plant alive in my Miracle Box. Anyone and everyone who knows me concurs, that as the name of the box suggests, it is indeed a miracle.

I want my kids not only to taste fresh, homegrown produce but to feel the earth beneath their fingers. I want them to weed and water and plant. I want us to watch seeds sprouts and stalks take root.

We’re going to start small – basil, cucumbers, bell peppers and a few more tomatoes. Our crop may be small, but it’s big bounty compared with the cherry tomato we’ve been splitting 4 ways.

Come oh glorious spring, come.

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