Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love and Money



This weekend was our annual tax and dinner date. It’s probably not the most romantic of dates but I’ve come to look forward to it. Because we usually go at the end of February or the first weekend in March, it’s a belated Valentine’s dinner of sorts. While I never look forward to tax day, I don’t dread it either.

I have my parents, my dad in particular, to thank for teaching me a healthy respect for money early on. When I was little, my dad struck a deal with me. For each grocery store coupon I used not only would I get to pocket the savings, but he’d match it. That little bargain has made a life-long couponer out of me.

Back in those days for some unknown reason, I took my coupons to the store in an empty checkbox. This odd organizational system once led the produce man to think he’d won the lottery when I misplaced my box for a few minutes. 

I’m sure I spent ample time talking my parents into unnecessary purchases just so I could use a coupon. But I spent just as much time cutting my coupons and accompanying my mom to the grocery store to use them– all good lessons in money and life.

Do I love you, Uncle Sam? Nope, I sure don’t. Especially not in light of 2012’s taxes. But I do love the knowledge that living well and money are both hopelessly intertwined and entirely separate.

Coupon that.

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